Medical Billing Services:

Revenue Cycle Management

Trans-Quest provides complete end-to-end revenue cycle outsourcing services to doctors, clinics, hospitals, and even medical billing companies...

Medical Coding

Trans-Quest’s highly trained Medical Coding specialists make sure that your / your clients’ insurance claims are both accurate and warrant speedy approvals...

A/R Analytics

AR services can be taken up as a special project. For existing clients, AR services are part of the Medical Billing Services process, and Accounts Receivable...

Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

Trans-Quest provides the full gamut of Provider Enrollment and Payer Credentialing services to doctors, hospitals, medical facilities, clinics and...

Transcription Services:

Medical Transcription

Trans-Quest has a sizable staff of highly-trained, certified Medical Transcriptions (English), and we cover all disciplines of medicine. Although we have a keen interest in the United States markets...

Legal Transcription

SBesides medical transcription, Trans-Quest also provides non-medical transcription services like Legal Transcription, Business Transcription and Media Transcription, in the English Language...

Business Transcription

Without proper documentation of proceedings, a lot of the crux of important events like Seminars, Conferences, Investor meetings, Annual General Meetings, etc, is lost...

Media Transcription

Trans-Quest’s highly-trained and professional Media Transcription team is adept at quickly transcribing all audio and audio-visual formats into accurate written content (both English)...

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Our Large Capabilities, Fast Turnaround, Accurate Output, Security of Information & Claims Acceptance Track-record

Make us the Preferred Choice for Medical Billing Outsourcing… Even for other Medical Billing Outsourcing Companies!

Today, especially in the US, insurance claims are denied at an alarming rate. A large volume of these claims denials cases, however, can be avoided with proper management of Medical Billing processes. Trans-Quest is a full-service Medical Billing company, with rich industry expertise, particularly in the US market.

We cater to doctors in private practice, group practices, hospitals, clinics, health care facilities of all kinds, and even take over outsourcing of the whole medical billing process from other medical billing companies. Our sizable headcount of professional staff and advanced technical capabilities make it possible for us to offer top-quality services at cost-efficient rates. We are completely ICD-10 and HIPAA compliant. Our staff expertise covers Medicare, Medicaid and all other large payers.

We undertake complete Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Coding, A/R Analytic and Provider Enrollment & Credentialing. Besides Medical Billing, we also offer services for Medical Transcription as well as Non-Medical Transcription like Legal Transcription, Business Transcription and Media Transcription.



ICD (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) is the WHO (World Health Organizations)’s official medical…



HIPAA, which falls under the purview of The Office for Civil Rights, has Privacy rules, Security rules, Breach Notification Rules and Patient Safety…

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